Personal Tax Credit

Personal Tax Credit is a tax deduction employees can use to lower the tax withdrawn from their salaries each month. 

Find information on how to see how much tax credit has been used and what to do when receiving payments from a new employer.

Kilometer fee for electric, hydrogen and plug-in hybrid vehicles

From 2024 and onwards a kilometer fee must be paid for driving electric, hydrogen, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

You log the odometer reading regularly and pay an estimate based on your driving.

Log the first reading before January 20th 2024.

Withholding tax and personal tax credit 2024

Tax rates and figures for the income year 2024 have been updated for the new year.

See the latest key figures, amounts and percentages for the 2024.

Basic Instructions

Basic instructions and information videos on individuals taxation are available. Topics like filing a tax return, accessing and reading the tax assessment and use of the personal tax credit. This same material is also available under the respective topics on the main website.

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