Travelling to Iceland

If you are thinking about travelling to Iceland there are a few things to consider. Travellers may bring clothing and other travel gear which they bring into Iceland for their personal use, as long as it is deemed suitable and normal for the purpose of the journey and the length of the stay. Travellers residing abroad can claim a proportional VAT refund when shopping in Iceland. 

Can I bring my vehicle to Iceland?

Those who intend to visit the country for a period of a year or less for the purpose of employment, study or travel may import a vehicle registered abroad without having to pay duty or import charges. At the end of this period the importer of a vehicle must either have completed its customs clearance or exported the vehicle.

Temporary import of vehicles

Vehicles with foreign registration plates may be temporarily imported to Iceland subject to certain conditions. Prior to arriving in Iceland, importers of vehicles must complete a special declaration (E-9) and send to the Directorate of Customs in consultation with the carrier or customs broker.

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Tax free - VAT refund

All non-Iceland residents are tax free eligible. The is a minimum amount on one single purchase receipt and the original purchase receipts must be attached to the tax free form. The retailer signature must be on the tax free form.

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Duty free imports

Travellers who are residing abroad may import free of duty clothing and other travel gear which they bring into Iceland for their personal use, provided that these articles may be deemed to be suitable and normal relative to the purpose of the journey, the length of stay and circumstances in general.

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Cash declaration

If you are carrying cash of more than € 10000 or the equivalent in other currencies, travellers´ cheques or bearer negotiable instruments, when departing or arriving in Iceland, you are obliged to declare it to the customs in Iceland at the point of departure or arrival.

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