Importing vehicles

Vehicles imported to Iceland must be customs cleared. This applies to both new and used vehicles, different rules apply for temporary importation of vehicles.

The process of importing a vehicle to Iceland can be divided to 

Step 1. Pre-registration

Individuals must apply for a pre-registration at the Icelandic Transport Authority (Samgöngustofa) before the customs declaration can be sent to Icelandic Customs if the vehicle is subject to mandatory registration, which is the fact in most cases.

Step 2. Customs clearance

When the pre-registration process is finished the customs declaration can be sent to Customs.

Contacting a customs broker to handle the entire customs clearance process is encouraged. Individuals should be able to contact the same company that shipped the vehicle to Iceland and request a customs clearance.

The invoice should be sent to the customs broker as well as all supporting documents, who sends them to Customs electronically.

Import fees

Import charges levied on vehicles are paid in ratio with customs value (purchase price, transportation charges and transportation insurance) of the vehicle. 

The importation charges are: 

  • excise duty
  • processing charge for tires and batteries
  • 24% value added tax.

The import fees can be calculated in the calculator on import fees.

Step 3. Payment of import fees

After the declaration has been processed by Customs the import fees are ready to be paid. The import fees can be paid directly to Iceland Revenue and Customs via online transfer to our bank account.

After the import fees have been paid the vehicle is formally customs cleared and the vehicle can be inspected.

Further information

Rules and regulations

Chapter VII of regulation no. 1100/2006 on the custody and customs clearance of goods, as amended by Regulation Nos. 172/2008 and 823/2009.

Law no. 29/1993, on commodity tax on vehicles, fuel, et al.