Temporary import

You can apply for an authorization for temporary importation of goods without having to pay import duties for the following items:

1. Display products, such as are used in commercial or industry shows including display stands and decorations.

2. Devices, equipment, printed materials, stationery and associated items for use at conferences, meetings or public events. This provision applies e.g. to:

a. Computers and Equipment.
b. Security equipment.
c. Printed materials, table clothes and tableware which are marked with the company logo.
d. Goods of token value used as awards or tokens of recognition.

3. Athlete´s competition equipment who come to this country for training or competition, such as vehicles and spare parts for those vehicles, sporting costumes and the like.

4. Instruments, props and other equipment artists who come to this country to take part in music event or art exhibitions.

5. Equipment for scientists who come to this country for research.

6. Equipment of filmmakers and journalists who come to this country for filming or background research.

7. Rescue equipment of rescue teams who come to this country for rescue operations.

8. Industrial equipment for contractors who use it for particular task they come to the country to work on. Product range of this point is the same product range and applies to the contractor under the advertisement number 25/1970 on Iceland's accession to the Customs Convention on temporary importation of professional equipment.

9. Machines/Engines and equipment brought into the country for a short trial period.

10. Products imported into the country for repair or other treatment, including treatment to prevent them from deterioration or other damages.

11. Products who have A.T.A. Carnet certificate, cf. ad number 24/1970 on Iceland's membership to customs agreement on benefits for the importation of goods for presentation or use at exhibitions, trade fairs, meetings and similar occasion and ad number 25/1970 on Iceland's accession to customs agreement on temporary importation of industry equipment.

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