Vehicles imported by individuals moving to Iceland

When moving to Iceland and importing a vehicle the same rules apply as when a person with a permanent residence in Iceland imports a vehicle. Follow the steps of importing vehicle to Iceland.

Vehicle Valuation

Those who have resided abroad and bring their vehicle when moving to Iceland can request a valuation from Customs. The customs broker should be informed that a valuation is needed after finishing the pre-registration process. The value of the vehicle can be depreciated in accordance with an invoice or the retail price in Iceland which can be calculated in the valuation calculator.

The valuation is formally executed after the customs declaration has been sent to Customs by the customs broker. All supporting documents, for example an invoice, should be sent to the customs broker who sends them to Customs electronically.

It is important to note: 

  • Vehicles cannot be formally valuated until after the customs declaration has been sent to Customs.
  • For a temporary valuation, the market value of similar vehicles abroad can be used for an estimation and calculate the fees in the calculator on import fees.

Postponement of excise duty

Postponement of the collection of excise duty is permitted for up to one month from the date of arrival of the vehicle to Iceland. Within this period the vehicle must be pre-registered and customs cleared. A special declaration (E9) needs to be sent to Customs in consultation with the carrier or customs broker. The vehicle must be imported no later than one month after the owner's arrival to Iceland.

Further information

Rules and regulations

Article 69 of regulation no. 1100/2006 on the custody and customs clearance of goods, as amended by Regulation Nos. 172/2008 and 823/2009.

Regulation no. 331/2000