Home Inventory

Home inventory is duty free if move to Iceland for migration purposes and certain conditions are fulfilled. This includes household equipment, appliances and other personal artifacts.

Home inventory of a person moving to Iceland is duty free under the following conditions:

  1. The person must have had a permanent residency in another country for at least 12 months prior to moving to Iceland.
  2. The person must register their legal residence in Iceland in accordance with Icelandic law.
  3. The home inventory must be used and have been owned by the person for at least one year. Additionally, a person aged 18 and older can import goods they have owned for a shorter period than 12 months of a total value of 140.000 ISK. Those under the age of 18 are entitled to import goods for half that value.
  4. The person must bring the home inventory with them or within six months of moving their permanent residency to Iceland or registers their legal residence in Iceland.

The person may be required to provide documents proving that they fulfill the conditions. For instance, by providing a residence permit or employment contract.

Additional information

Rules and regulations

Home inventory - 4.tl. 1. mgr. 6. gr. law 88/2005 on Customs.

Definition of “home inventory” - Second chapter of regulation no. 630/2008 on various customs privileges.