Instructions for form TS-E9

Temporary importation of vehicles with foreign registration plates (E9)

  • Download the form and save on your computer.
  • Fill in the form according to instructions below.
  • Print the filled out form, keep in the vehicle and send a copy to your shipping company. See list of email addresses below.
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The importer of a vehicle with foreign registration plates must get acquainted with about the conditions for duty free importation and fill out an E9 declaration.

  • The importer must fill out the E9 declaration in pdf format and send the form to a customs broker prior to coming to Iceland. The customs broker handles the sending of the form to the Directorate of Customs.
  • One form must be filled out for each vehicle that is subject to mandatory registration according to the Road Traffic Act No. 50/1987.
  • If a trailer accompanies the vehicle to Iceland it is sufficient to register the trailer in the relevant column of the same form that is used for the vehicle.
  • The importer must fill out all red-marked boxes.
  • A copy of a declaration (E9) must at all times be present in the vehicle for regular inspection by law enforcement personnel.
  • Private vehicles are only intended for the personal use of the importer, his family or companions with registered domicile abroad.
  • In case of a vehicle arriving with the cargo transportation company listed in the cargo manifesto then the same name must be listed in the cargo manifesto and in the (E9) declaration.
  • In case of a vehicle arriving on the Norröna ferry the same name must be listed on the ferry registration system as on the (E9) declaration.
  • If a vehicle is intended for commercial use the importer must contact the Directorate of Customs upon arrival in Iceland for temporary customs clearance.
  • If the vehicle is intended for passenger transport and freight operation or for rent, the importer must get informed about the Act on overland freight transportation No. 28/2018 and about the Act on the renting of vehicles subject to mandatory registration of vehicles No. 65/2015. The Icelandic Transport Authority is responsible for the issuing of licenses.
  • When exporting a vehicle that has been in commercial use you have to present a request for the inspection of a good by using form E14. The vehicle must also be customs cleared in order to leave the country by returning an export declaration.
  • In the event that an importer assumes residence in Iceland he must customs clear the vehicle or export it from the country. This also applies even when 12 months have not passed from the arrival of the vehicle to Iceland.

The Directorate of Customs can request that the importer of a vehicle demonstrate through documentation that he intends to reside temporarily in Iceland, and for no longer than for a period of 12 months, for example by presenting a temporary employment contract or a rental agreement.

For further information about temporary importation of vehicles importers are referred to Article 7 of the Customs Act No. 88/2005 and regulation No. 630/2008 on preferential customs treatment of various types.

TS-E9 - Temporary import of vehicle (Right click to download the form)

Adobe Reader must be used to fill out this form other software must not be used.

The software is free and can be downloaded here:

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